Our Story

Hi! Welcome to Tièlle Candle! A New Jersey Based Luxury Soy Wax Candle Brand!

Tièlle Candle was originally created by Brielle and Tionna, two sisters with one mission…to deliver the best luxury candles! Our passion for candles started out as a bonding experience. We love to learn, to create, and add our own special touches to everything we do! We wanted a fun and creative activity to do together that would not only grow our skill set but strengthen our sisterly bond so we chose candle making. We soon realized that this weekend hobby would be an even better business venture. So, we set off to find unique scents that would represent who we were individually but would work cohesively in our candle collections.

Our family is important to us, so we wanted to cultivate a product that would be safe for your families too. All our candles are made with soy wax and scented with fragrances infused with essential oils that are not only safe for you but the environment. Each candle is complete with a wooden wick to help throw the scent further and release that calming crackling sound that we love!

As you burn your newest Tièlle Candle we hope you truly know that this candle was hand poured with love for each of our Tièlle Candle supporters! We hope that you enjoy everything Tièlle Candle has to offer! We can't wait to continue providing you with the best products!